Friday, April 26, 2013

Some Good Weekend Reading

Some good weekend reading:
  • The Marlins are doing what they can to fill seats, including free tickets through regional promotions.  And it's tough to tell if its working.
  • Rays owner Stu Sternberg suggests possible first-round draft compensation for small-market teams to increase parity in the MLB.
  • A Chicago columnist thinks an antiquated Wrigley is the reason the Cubs aren't winning World Series.
  • Field of Schemes breaks down how cities are offering bigger and bigger kickbacks to land major sporting events like Super Bowls.  But if nobody offered subsidies, would they be necessary to land the games?
  • Finally, the Tampa Tribune writes more about Florida's fear of losing Spring Training teams to Arizona, but indicates new incentives could just lead East Florida to fight West Florida over who can offer the biggest stadium subsidies.  The story also echoes Shadow of the Stadium blogposts about how much MLB dominates municipalities at the negotiation table, which means leases are seldom iron-clad.  And powerful lobbyist Brian Ballard, who represents the Blue Jays, Astros, & City of Palm Beach Gardens, tells the Trib a new multi-team facility is a "smart way to go."  Let's just say it would be a shock if the Jays and 'Stros don't get a new fully-funded stadium, courtesy of Florida's taxpayers.

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