Monday, April 8, 2013

Rays' Attendance May Not Be Worst Performance in MLB

If 22,839 fans per game weren't enough to fire up Rays relocation rumors after one homestand, a national writer suggesting the Rays could move to Montreal should be.

But instead of beating the Rays' attendance drum to death this week, maybe the sports talk folks should focus on a few other teams' misfortunes at the gate.

Through six games, Citi Field (in the nation's largest metro), the Mets are averaging just 28,000 fans per game and the Mets' credit rating has been officially dropped to "junk."

And at the new Comiskey (in the nation's third-largest metro), the ChiSox are averaging just 20,790 fans per game, although they can always blame early April cold weather.

Oh, and starting tonight, we'll have Marlins' attendance to watch with popcorn & cracker jacks in-hand.  Any predictions?


  1. The Marlins attendance will follow Stanton's performance. Miami seems like they get a lot of attendance from tourists, and who wants to go see a horrible team (unless your team is playing). I would love to go and see Stanton break another scoreboard, but if he's hurt.... I'll go to the beach on my vacation.

  2. A second weekday game never helps a homestand. Saturday's crowd was rather impressive while yesterday's was a rather average crowd for a Sunday.

  3. I thought the attendance wasnt bad considering the Tues start. Agree with Jason Sat was great to see Sunday was surprising. Given the amazing weather this weekend can you imagine if we had a stadium with the roof open overlooking the bay or city. Huge marketing potential.

  4. Ya the attendance on sat. Was rather good but for a team that have a very good shot at making the playoffs for the 6 year in a row a avg. 21000 blows and that number will go down as the season goes on...... let's not forget the rays where last in attendance last year. the Astros beet the rays in attendance and they lost 107 game and the year before that they lost 106.

  5. Off to a good start, let's keep it up, get up and go to a game or two...