Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Key Tweets from the Rays' Press Conference with St. Pete Leaders

Remember 2010, the last time the Rays had a big stadium-related press conference?  I know we all remember the four years of awkwardness that stemmed from that....but we were all back in the same room today to talk about the new agreement between St. Petersburg and the Rays.

I already posted many of the details and implications immediately after the document came out yesterday afternoon...and now you can also read the other reactions from around Tampa Bay...but here are the top live-tweets from Mayor Rick Kriseman and Rays President Brian Auld.

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  1. I guess St Pete will be paying for The Trop long after Kriseman is voted out of office and the Rays are playing north of the Mason-Dixon or west of the Mississippi.

  2. Considering St. Pete, built the Trop long before the Rays existed, and long before any promises of a team, this should surprise no one.