Thursday, December 11, 2014

Big Surprises from Thursday's Council Non-Vote

St. Pete's council unsurprisingly voted to postpone the decision on the Rays for a week, but there was one big surprise reveal today - city attorneys were kept largely out of the negotiation process until the end. That might explain this:
St. Pete's attorneys are in a bit of a sticky spot, representing both council and the mayor's office...and Wolfe is known around town as "Dr. No."  He's a conservative attorney who did such a good job drawing up the original contract in the 90's, the Rays are still locked into it.  So I'd love to be a fly on the wall and hear what he's saying behind closed doors.
But the other big surprise today was that councilmembers were told they could not request any "tweaks" to deal negotiated with Rays...the team would reject them.  It's a really really really hardball approach from the Rays, who at one point said they were a $122 million-dollar engine to the city/county...but are only offering around $2 million/year for the right to move.

Mayor Kriseman basically indicated this is as good as its going to get however, so we all now look ahead to next Thursday's council meeting to see how the important vote unfolds.


  1. What negotiations? Take it or leave it isn't a negotiating tactic. It's a bully tactic. Screw $tuCo.

  2. Good for Stu. Ignore the red neck, white trash city council members

    1. Even Foster said yesterday"The Rays are not going to stay in St. Pete". One thing that will always irritate me is how St. Pete officials lied to the public back in 1986 when they called a public meeting at the Bayfront center to discuss whether or not to build the stadium. They said they wanted to hear opinions from all Pinellas county residents. When it was my chance to speak, they said I couldn't give my opinion because I wasn't a St. Pete resident. For that reason among many others, St. Pete deserves to lose the Rays!

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