Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sheffield Baseball Complex Finally Dead?

So after months of missed deadlines, it looks like the latest one may finally end Gary Sheffield's bid to bring a baseball complex to Pasco Co.

The developer won't return my messages, but here is what the county's tourism manager put out yesterday:
WESLEY CHAPEL, FL- Pasco County is giving Pasco Sports, LLC until the end of business today to deliver a financial package to build a multi-million dollar, premier baseball and softball sports facility in Wesley Chapel.

The Commissioners had extended the deadline until today to give Pasco Sports, LLC more time to finalize their financial package. If a package is received by the deadline it will be sent to the County's financial advisers for review, and the recommendation would go the BCC at their January 13, 2015 meeting. If the County Attorney's Office does not receive any documents to review then the issue could be brought before the next regularly scheduled Commission meeting.

"I am very disappointed that they were unable to obtain the financing by today's deadline," said Pasco County Administrator Michele Baker. "However, we still believe very strongly in the concept. Youth sports are an important component of our Tourism Plan and the Wiregrass location is geographically well positioned for the region. We look forward to continued dialogue with interested parties in order to bring a sports complex like this to Pasco County."

The project is an effort to create a sports destination in Pasco County that will serve the entire Tampa Bay Region. The original plan was to create a unique 19-field sports complex. This project involved a public/private partnership with Pasco County investing $11 million and Pasco Sports LLC investing another $23 million to begin developing and building one of the largest training venues in the Country.
How many missed deadline does it take for county that really wants baseball to finally move on? We may find out next month.

UPDATE 12/16/14 - Pasco Commissioners finally pulled the plug on the project, saying they'd love to bring back a better-financed version early next year.

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