Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekend Recap: Rays Stadium Saga Coverage

Just a few of the many headlines touching upon the Rays' Stadium Saga this weekend:
  1. Trib columnist Joe Brown writes that while the Rays may be playing hardball, they aren't making anywhere close to the demands (yet) the Bucs did.
  2. Top Off the Trop writes about some big truths nobody is talking much about (yet) on the Stadium Saga.
  3. X-Rays Spex writes about an e-mail he got from St. Pete councilwoman Amy Foster.
  4. The Times' Stephen Nohlgren wrote about how a messy St. Pete/Rays divorce could really screw the redevelopment of the Trop site.
  5. The Trib's Stephen Girardi writes how most St. Pete businesses aren't exactly worried - at all - about the Rays possibly leaving.
  6. Creative Loafing wrote about the seven Tampa Bay stories that "just won't die," including my thoughts on why there's so much drama and misunderstanding around the stalemate.
So get caught up - a new year in the Stadium Saga means new headlines to read!


  1. Were there any corrections regarding the universally erroneous reporting of the MOU terms? Are any of these people at all qualified to opine? Hold on, a car salesman?

  2. More questions on the site development issue raised by Nurse.

    Complicated Rays land deal options involve at least $65M

  3. It is news to everyone in the news business that the MOU does not provide for the Rays to pay the City if the Rays move to Tampa. Also, the rights under the MOU do not expire in 3 years. Also, the City Council would not be able to say no to the next deal. Those major deal terms were incorrectly reported by all outlets. So those are the errors. Here's an entertaining script: Mascot-turned-Investigative reporter cites car salesman for opinion on legal document. Hilarity ensues.

  4. More analysis of the fan base to support the Rays in a new stadium.

    The reality check is starting.