Thursday, December 4, 2014

Twitter Battle: Shadow of the Stadium vs. Steve Duemig

I actually have a great deal of respect for WDAE-AM's Steve Duemig, but we clearly don't agree entirely on the stadium issue, which a loyal reader brought up Tuesday:
Duemig didn't appreciate that comment:
Steve and I later kissed & made up - no harm, no foul. But bookmark this of us is going to get a big serving of humble pie a few years from now!  Unless, of course, it takes longer than that...


  1. Duemig has been a sports "you know" radio show talk host for a long time so I can understand you respecting his tenure, but that's the only thing you should respect. His inside knowledge of what's going on in the Rays organization is non existent. He has NEVER stepped foot in a Rays clubhouse and lost his direct access when Whitney Johnson left the radio station awhile back. Duemig may know football, golf and gambling but I'm 100% sure that he knows nothing about anything Rays related.

  2. Still waiting on that sell of the Bucs he claimed about several years ago and remember that claim of the missing boaters that he knew about? This guy is so full of ----it I can't take it. And because a team moves into your area, you have to change to that team to root for. What a jerk! Perhaps we can blame that hat-trick of DUI's he has accumulated over the years for all this.