Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And this happened:

Following Monday night's epic Rays/Red Sox Twitter war:


  1. A subtle dig at his fellow fans, too. Wonder if that went over anybody's heads... well played, Dickie V.

    1. Kei,

      I would say that is a not very subtle dig at fellow fans. Dickie V. from what I can tell, appears to be a very likable person, but I don't think he relates to the predominant segments of the TB area population, who are not economically endowed, like he is. The combination of a weak economy, very little Fortune 1000 corporate presence, and many retired folks guarantees that not only the Rays, but the Bucs will have a hard time achieving 'acceptable' attendance levels when we do not have BOTH a successful team and a successful econony occurring concurrently. The TB Lightning are a sweet aberration data point to this theory because Jeff Vinik is one of the few of the 122 Major League sports owners (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA) who actually cares about the fans more than himself.

    2. He's gone off on the attendance woes at the Trop countless of times on Twitter, often with pictures of empty seats attached, which led me to believe he had taken another shot across the bows. It does seem odd either way that anyone, let alone a famous talking head like Dickie V, would try to poke fun at another fanbase for actually filling their seats most of the time.