Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jays Haven't Made "Official Decision" to Leave Dunedin, But Sure Sounds Like They Have

New state subsidies designed to retain spring training teams will likely prompt the Toronto Blue Jays to move to Palm Beach Gardens.  That's the impression Blue Jays President Paul Beeston gave the Tampa Bay Times this week, saying a new two-team facility with the Astros would be a "perfect situation."

"There's no commitment, but there's an agreement to work together to see if we can pull it off," Beeston told the Times.

There may be no commitment on paper yet, but it sure sounds like the Jays have made their decision.  And it's a decision of opportunity, since the team said "we love Dunedin" just weeks before the state subsidies were announced and they hadn't publicly indicated a desire to move.

So Florida and Palm Beach County will each spend tens of millions of dollars to move the Blue Jays, a team that would probably never go to Arizona, from one Florida city to another.  But at least the Sunshine State will get Astros insurance too...since they draw so many visitors from Texas.....

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