Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Morning Links

Not all of these are new, but they're good bathroom reading for the week:

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  1. Regarding the article: "Rays VP Matt Silverman Op-Ed: Getting help to neediest children", it is great to hear that Matt is chairman of the board of directors for 'Starting Right Now' and thus is keenly aware of the least fortunate in our community.

    Matt notes in his article that
    "According to the 2012 report issued by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, Tampa has the highest per capita homelessness rate in the nation. At last count, 23 percent of our community's homeless were children. Too many of these more than 4,000 children are slipping through the cracks, out of sight and out of reach of the attention and assistance they desperately need."

    Hopefully this is and will be in the forefront of his consciousness, and Stu Sternberg's and Andrew Friedman's as well, as the 'who pays for the new stadium' soap opera slowly unfolds.

    And can someone make sure that the Glazers read this Op-Ed of Matt's? Seeing as they are sucking $26 million per year from Hillsborough County tax payers, maybe they could be cajoled into giving back more than the $1.1 million per year they have averaged since 2001 - that's a return of 4 cents on the dollar by this billionaire family ($4.4 billion net worth), folks.