Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bob Ryan Rips Rays Fans

This morning on ESPN's "Sports Reporters," Bob Ryan from The Boston Globe went off on the Rays.  Or, more specifically, Rays fans:
"They play in a horrible ballpark and few people down there care at all. The Rays are the baseball tree falling in a very large forest.  I don't know of another organization in any sport that has done more things right in front of a less-appreciative audience than the Tampa Bay Rays. And that's the truth."


  1. Low class st. pete is the problem. Noah is a loser. St. Pete a low class city with a low class population. There city government is out of touch with reality. They fought to get a team but dont show up. What a joke.

    1. Whata classless move to stay "anonymous" while trying to talk shit. St.Pete's lower class parts might not be as nice as the areas along the bay or Gulf, but I bet those folks average a lot more games attended per year then you, and I bet Noah has a longer resume then yours. Though St.Pete is a big part of the problem. Their population by cities that hostess a pro team ranks only more then cities like Salt Lake City & Green Bay. Besides, St.Pete was never the long term future of the Rays anyways. I guess when you (Bob Ryan) can't talk good about your team (Bahstun) beating the Rays, you have to throw low blows... Sounds like someone else we kNOAH from up there... lol

  2. At least he remembered to include the word Bay in the Rays name. Normally writers in other markets are not smart enough remember that our team isn't based in Tampa. Past that there was nothing interesting or new in his story. SOS.