Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rays: "Scoreboard." Red Sox & Fans: "Scoooooreboard!"

It all started with this:
As you can imagine, Red Sox fans had plenty of "Scoreboard!"-type of replies, from the predictable to the classless to the entertaining:
Among the hundreds of replies was this:
That opened the floodgates:
But the most telling reply
The fact that Yankees fans feel slighted by all the attention the Rays are getting from the Red Sox is indicative of how far this team has come.  And even as obnoxious Boston fans pull punches at the Rays' expense, the rivalry-building is a good thing...and hell, maybe it'll sell a few September tickets at the Trop.

By the way, the official RT count for the Rays' tweet is 1,438; the Sox' tweet got 5,407.  Unofficial RTs boost the numbers much higher.  But the Rays did pick up about 1,000 followers last night.


  1. ???? Really NO'ah! Really? Most others don't realize how much of a Bahstun homer you are, but if they didn't, all they have to do is read this lopsided article. It doesn't take a genius to realize you showed all Red Sux fans tweets to try to make a point against the Rays!, and you call yourself a "unbiased" citizen of Tampa, what a joke! "RT" this, you can take your Bahstun-bullshit back up north! It's a shame that people don't know how you use this little site to stop the Rays from progressing for your own personal motives...

  2. Replies
    1. Old enough to not be fooled by your intentions. Or let's just say I've spent a lot more years getting people to believe my bullshit in the automotive industry then you spent using this blog as a front to being a fraud for anything positive for the Red Sox. Hopefully one of these days you'll take off the Bahstun shades, and jump ship onto YOUR HOMETOWN bandwagon of the Rays, and start to see things in a whole new light...