Monday, July 22, 2013 Writer Wants Rays to Move

Notorious Tropicana Field-hater (and correspondent) Richard Justice posted another interesting tweet Monday: "What would the Rays be drawing if they played their home games in a retractable roof stadium in San Antonio?"

He also said "The Rays would be drawing 3.5 million fans if they played their home games at Minute Maid Park," implying either Houston fans are better than Tampa Bay fans because they'd support a winning team (unlike their current AAA team), or implying that Houston fans only jump on the bandwagon when their team is winning.

Either way, Justice may be right on all accounts.  Floridians are not exactly the envy of the rest of the country right now.


  1. The Rays are 29th in attendance and not that far ahead of Miami.

    Give Montreal a second chance.

  2. Ditch low class st. pete. Move them to Tampa or Orlando. Noah loves St.Pete and feels sorry for him. He just doesnt get it. Noah is such an idiot!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I live in Orlando. Maybe l5-20% of all baseball fans here support a Florida-based team. Rays would be far, far worse off in this town than in St Pete.

      The only chance Orlando has of landing an MLB at any point in the future is if Buddy Dyer anoints himself as its mayor for life.

    2. For what it's worth, I live in Tampa.

  3. Hey Anonymous, where do you live - in Anonymousville?