Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rays Fan Suggests Cheaper Beers, Food, Parking

A lot of Tampa Tribune readers like to write Letters to the Editor regarding the Rays.  Here is the most recent one printed:
The letter in last Saturday's View's section ("Alternatives for Rays") is close to being right on.

We are Rays fans and season-ticket holders and travel 45 miles each way to the games. We pay about $50 for each seat per game, and parking is at least $15.

Food costs a small fortune - $5 hot dogs and pretzels, and $8 beers. It's not cheap to go to a game.

That being said, think about this: Tropicana field is old but adequate. There are no rain-outs, it's 72-degrees inside and it's somewhat easy to get to.

The Rays organization should think about this. Lower the parking fees and some of the food prices. Lower the price of tickets all around, and for season-tickets holders. Make it easier for the fans to fill their seats, and the numbers will add up.

Yes, building a new stadium closer to me would be fine, but is that the answer? Look at what happened to the Marlins - a new stadium did nothing for their attendance, and there are a lot more people in Miami.

If you want to ruin the Rays' fan base, don't even think about moving them out of the state.

Rays' management has to wake up and smell the flowers. We love our Rays, but you guys have to come up with some new ideas and make it cheaper for us to fill your seats.

Go Rays!

Al Dawson
Port Richey


  1. That is spot on. There are a lot of promotions to lure people to the ballpark but lowering a few prices across the board is a start. There priority should be to turn people into longtime Rays fans. To many in this area are follow other teams. Make it easier for them to afford coming out game after game. And why the hell do kids 14 and under get the good bobbleheads!!!

  2. LOL, another low-blow-Noah! Here's a "letter to the" commenters, take your own food in (the Rays are the only pro team in America that let you do so), and find free parking, and don't try to get drunk @ the Trop if it's to expensive for you...
    And again, the Marlins are NOT the Rays & Miami is NOT Tampa!

  3. Also Miami sold there team off like they always do and pissed the city off. That's why no one is going there this year.

    1. Your right "anonymous", it has NOTHING to do with having the 2nd worst record in the league... lol

  4. Exactly, I agree with you. For attaining public attention you have to work hard else public will find out other option.