Monday, July 22, 2013

Rays Partner with "Seat of Dreams"

The Rays introduced a new program today, "Seat of Dreams," that isn't just charitable, but also practical.

It allows season-ticket holders to donate their unused tickets (and we imagine there are a lot of them) to local children in need

“Many of our season ticket holders have indicated they would like to participate in such a program," said Rays Senior Vice President Mark Fernandez in a press release.  "We are grateful for their desire to join us in providing a major league experience to children and families who for various reasons may not otherwise have that opportunity."

According to the Rays, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay, the Police Athletic League of St. Petersburg, and the Children's Dream Fund are among the local charities targeted for the freebies.

Sure, the Rays could just give out tickets to these groups on their own - and on occasions, they do - but by partnering with the non-profit, the ticket donations now become tax-deductable.  And for some folks, it's a little more incentive to buy season tickets.


  1. Noah,

    You state that "the ticket donations now become tax-deductable."
    To whom - the ticket holder or the the Rays?